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Website Refelction

To create this website it took a lot of time and patience, I struggled with aligning the menu and some pictures but other than that I think the process went pretty smooth. my favorite part was after I uploaded the pictures and I got to see my process and go back and forth from my website to notepad and watching my progress. I think i learned some new skills from trying to perfect my website, since it was based on rings I wanted it to look elegant and beautiful, which took a lot of errors and improvements nut now that it's all finished I am pretty happy with the way it looks.
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Bio Reflection

write up a post explaining your biography project process - how did you get started, at least problems you encountered during the process and how you resolved them. What part of the project do you think came out the best and/or part that you are most proud of. 

The biography project for the most part was pretty easy because of all the lessons we had done before and the skills I had learned from completing those. However something that I found difficult was putting all of out skills and techniques together to make a well put together website. creativity also plays a big role in making an attractive website and that is something I have never had a lot of therefor making my website pretty, and organized and neat was something I struggles with a little bit. There are multiple things I think i could have done to make my biography website more successful, such as actually finishing my work cited page, or making it more visually appealing, but for the most part I think it was a good learning…